Asan Hunter runs for one of his 5 touchdowns in last Saturday’s game vs. South Hill.

The EGRA Renegades Flag football team entered Saturday’s game with a 1-4 record, playing South Hill with a 4-1 record. South Hill has only suffered a loss to this Renegades team.

The Renegade defense led by Kayne Doyle stopped the South Hill boys in four quick plays, before Asan Hunter and the offense took over. Hunter

ran for a touchdown on the first play. The extra point failed.

South Hill answered quickly to grab a 7-6 lead. The next possession for EGRA started with a 10-yard run for Hunter. Jayce Reid would then run for a touchdown, but again the extra point try came up empty, leaving the Renegades in front 12-7.

South Hill would go down in four plays with three flags grabbed by

Doye and one by Keonte Peebles. The Renegades would get the ball and

Corey Phillips would take a loss on first down. Doyle would gain

two on second down. Hunter followed with another touchdown scamper to increase the EGRA advantage to 18-7. South Hill closed the gap to 18-14,

in the second half, but Renegades scored three of the next four touchdowns to win going away 37-21.