Jammie Wrenn delivers an ace in the 2A Region A Volleyball tournament in Emporia Monday against John Marshall High School of Richmond. The Lady Eagles swept the visitors 3-0.

After dropping the first game of the Tri-Rivers District tournament the Greensville County Lady Eagles were looking for redemption against John Marshall High School in the 2A Region A tournament.

Lexi Phillips of the Eagles stated, “I feel we have a substantial chance to win tonight, if we work together and communicate well.”

The Eagles would do just that and take John Marshall in three straight games to win the match.

GCHS was playing down a senior starter, as Brianna Wells was sidelined with a season ending shoulder injury.

It was actually a rough start for the green and gold. The Lady Eagles struggled with serving for the first few points and trailed 6-5 before senior Kaylen Cales would grab a service point to tie the game, however serving errors plagued the team and it would turn it right back over to John Marshall.

Greensville’s Cassie Robertson scored a pair of and helped herself with a net win, tying the game back up. More serving woes would send it back and forth between the two teams before Jammie Wrenn would take over the lead and the Eagles wouldn’t look back. Wrenn had three service points, and two aces in her 6-run serve. Lexi Phillips would seal the deal with two aces and two service points and the Lady Eagles would take the first game 25-18.

Greensville’s Sarah Olson would come out strong with two straight aces before a four-hit volley would send it back to John Marshall. Greensville’s Harlee Pluta served for one point after Wrenn battled hard at the net for the point. Phillips would grab herself another ace, and Wrenn went go on another 5-serve run with two points and an ace, Cales assisted with a tip over volley win.

Roberston nailed an ace and Cales would help the cause with two service points. Olson added an ace and a service point, and Harlee Pluta would grab two service points and enjoys another net win by teammate Cales. The Lady Eagles would easily win 25-13.

Pluta got the Eagles rolling in the third game with a would 6-serve run with one ace. She also helped herself at the net with a volley win, and Olson directed a tip for a point. Phillips added two service points and an additional ace. Mackenzie Delbridge scored a pair from the service line. Lucy Watson served an ace, and Enijah Vaughan would help the cause with a volley win at the net.

The Lady Eagles eliminated John Marshall from play

Note: On Wednesday. Greensville fell to the Bluestone Barons 3-0. (25-8, 25-4 and 25-11).