The Emporia City Council discusses fire prevention. Pictured clockwise from lower left are Carol Mercer, Woody Harris, Doris White, Tessie Wilkins, William Johnson, Mary Person, Yolanda Hines, Jim Saunders, Dale Temple. Councilman Clifton Threat attended the meeting virtually.

October is Fire Safety Month, and City of Emporia Fire official Randy Pearce is targeting the prevention of kitchen stove fires.

During the regularly scheduled City Council meeting, Mayor Mary Person read a letter from Pearce to the Council members. It highlighted the dangers of kitchen stove fires.

“This is the No.1 cause of house and rental house fires in Emporia, Virginia,” the letter read. “A major renovation of Washington Square units has resulted Auto-Out Fire Canister Fire Suppression units with the new hood ventilation units. These units have proven toward and stop fires from spreading to cabinets and other kitchen materials, which reduces people from other property damage and houses being vacant for repairs. Fire-Stop is the other brand that works the same. These units are easy to install.”

Pearce is working on getting product information to assist rental property owners in the effort to reduce the risks of residential fires. The preventative measures lowering premiums is another plus for rental property owners.

With Halloween around the corner, it means Daylight Savings ends on Nov. 1. The end of Daylight Savings is the suggested time to test fire extinguishers and smoke detectors as fire risks due to problems in heating systems and chimney fires increase.