Glenda Gilliam receives a call from a Greensville County resident.

“Thank you for calling Greensville County Government Building. This is Glenda, how may I help you today?”

Perhaps you’ve heard that greeting recently. That is the cheerful voice of Glenda Gilliam – receptionist and office assistant for the Greensville County administrative office. When she took her position, Gilliam became the unofficial voice and face for the County’s administration. It’s a position Gilliam said she was called to, and one in which she takes great pride.

“I’m overjoyed, gracious, enthused,” Gilliam said. “It gives me great pride and humility. I take no one and nothing for granted. I’m a good listener and citizens, and residents know that about me when they call. I know I was placed here for a reason – there’s no turning back.”

Aside from answering and directing phone calls, Gilliam assists other County staff in administrative duties. She also works closely with the Board of Supervisors.

Like many of us, Gilliam’s work has been greatly disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The COVD-19 pandemic has been a pill, but it will not deter me from offering the best customer satisfaction and service,” Gilliam said. “I’ve learned to adapt, work around the abnormal, move forward to aid, to assist and make it happen, make a difference, and be the change I want to see.”

Her usual desk at the County Administrative Building has now been moved inside a glass enclosure to ensure the health safety of her and other staff. And despite being deprived of face-to-face customer interaction for nearly 10 months, Gilliam says her priority is still putting County residents and their well beings first. Gilliam is not a resident of Greensville County, but says her outsider status gives her a unique perspective through which she views the area and community. She says the slogan “Greensville Cares” is not just a slogan, but also the belief in the hard work of the County staff and officials.

“My lens shows that Greensville County cares about the citizens and residents and wants what’s best for them,” Gilliam said. “Greensville County cares and maintains dignity, promotes action and forward thinking. Greensville County cares about the employees and expects them to achieve high goals with the utmost training for positive results.”

Gilliam says God’s timing led her to her position in the County, and that it was an answer to prayer. Her faith gives her a sense of purpose that this position allows her to fulfill.

“Matthew 7:7 reads ‘Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.’ I serve and have always been dedicated to my professional administrative career. This position allows me to do both.”

Gilliam serves everyone in Greensville County with a smile, and her energy is felt by her coworkers day in and day out. Whether it’s on the phone or in the office, Gilliam will always do her best to put herself in your shoes, and then work as hard as she can to help you in anyway possible.