Carl Wright’s Garage has been at 131 Meherrin Beach Road off Christanna Highway (Route 46) since 1982. The garage is a Husqvarna dealer. Members of the staff pictured from left are Jason Whitby, James Moore, Carl Wright, Allison Wright Rider Lumsden.

LAWRENCEVILLE – “I have been blessed with good health and great people to work with,” said Carl Wright, president of Carl Wright’s Garage. The garage is located at 131 Meherrin Beach off Christanna Highway, Route 46. The garage has been at this location since 1982. Before that Wright worked about five years with his Dad, Everette Wright.

The garage is the dealer for Husqvarna, selling and servicing lawnmowers and chainsaws but their work is not limited to only that brand.

“We work on all kinds of engines, large and small. Brands like Briggs and Stratten, Kohler, if it has a motor we can try to repair it,” Carl said.

Allison Wright, his daughter, is Vice President and has been working at the garage since she was around 19, wearing many hats.

“I enjoy my job and look forward to helping people. The recent ice storm resulted in a lot of work for us because of the downed trees. Covid led to people staying home more and many people used that time to do work on their yard,” Allison said.

Carl said the garage was closed the first week of last year when he and Elaine were diagnosed with Covid.

Carl said his wife, Elaine, serves as Secretary/Treasurer. When asked what he liked about his job he gave his answer with a smile.

”I am a people person and I like helping people. I enjoy people stopping by the garage, it’s a great feeling to help someone,” Carl said.

Carl said he has been blessed to have great employees over the years. Jason Whitby lives in Gaston, North Carolina and drives 30 miles to work. He has been with him for 21 years. Rider Lumsden lives in Mason, North Carolina and James Moore lives in Ebony. Carl said he has other great employees work for him then went on to start their own business or work for other companies and he wishes them all success.

Carl said one of the big changes is the use of lithium batteries in small equipment. Carl said one of the challenges facing his business is finding parts.

“There are so many different brands and model numbers and it can be a challenge finding parts,” Carl said.

Carl looks forward to working and expressed appreciation to his customers over the years.

When I first arrived Carl pulled a newspaper out of the filing cabinet, an article I wrote for the Spring Home Improvement, April 20, 2005 that ran in the South Hill Enterprise. He let me take the section home with the promise to return it. His father, Everette Wright, is in the group photo.

One of the things that Carl mentioned in that article was the importance of not letting gasoline sit in engines a long time. He recommended adding a gasoline stabilizer to gasoline that is over 30 days old. In that article he said it is very frustrating to get ready to cut grass and the engine won’t start, and I think all would agree. S. A.

The phone number is (434) 848-3469. The email address is: carlwrigar@hotmail.com