The Greensville County Sheriff’s Department is working with neighboring departments to respond to a rising number of stolen catalytic converters from parked cars in the area. Greensville detectives are working with detectives from the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department as well as the Halifax County department in North Carolina.

Greensville Detective Chris Rook said among the three departments, between 50 and 60 catalytic converters have been reported stolen since January. Converters were taken out of cars parked in yards, as well as from vans in church parking lots. Rook said there are likely a large number of converters that have been stolen that have gone unreported thus far.

In a Facebook post Wednesday afternoon, the Greensville County Sheriff’s Office stated it had made several arrests connected to a widespread larceny ring. Rook confirmed that arrests have been made, but several suspects are still at large.

Rook said the reason for the thefts is due to the recent spike in prices for catalytic converters. Thieves are stealing the converters and sending them away for their metal, which draws quite the high price tag.

“We just want everyone to check their vehicles,” Rook said, “especially if they’re parked in a yard. We want people to keep account for their cars.”

Anyone with information pertaining to this or other ongoing investigations should contact the Greensville County Sheriff’s Office at 434-349-4200 immediately.