The new home of Swenson D.D.S, currently under construction on Rt. 301, will hopefully be completed in the late summer or early fall.

Anyone driving through Emporia on Rt. 301 recently has likely seen the frame of a new 6,000 sq. ft. facility being constructed across from the Roses Express. That building will be the new home of Dr. Kevin Swenson, DDS, PC. And with the excitement of a new, much larger space comes the excitement of opportunity.

Swenson’s new office will feature 10 state-of-the-art operatories. The increase in workspace brings with it the capacity for new procedural offerings. The new building will be fitted so that nitrous oxide can be pumped directly to three of the operatories – a helpful service that is not available in Swenson’s current office. Nitrous oxide is used to relax patients who might experience anxiety during procedures or operations.

Also new to the Swenson practice is the Solea laser – a state-of-the-art laser that removes the need for shots and needles during dental procedures. Swenson said his practice would be the only one to offer the Solea laser out of any nearby practices.

Like all who work in the health care profession, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that Swenson’s practice operates. Now, all patients must be screened for contact tracing purposes, have their temperature checked, and be escorted directly to an operatory from their car when it comes time for their appointment.

“Handling patients during the pandemic has been a challenge for obvious reasons,” Swenson said. “When you have the screening processes that are required, it alters your schedule daily almost hourly. But through it all we have adapted and I do believe that in the future, the screenings that are used today will be very useful for future day-to-day protocols.”

Part of protecting the health and safety of patients was ensuring that all staff members who wanted to receive their COVID-19 vaccine did so as soon as possible. Swenson said all staff who elected to receive their vaccines have been fully vaccinated. This allows for patients to be reassured that they are being given the safest care while they are in Swenson’s office.

“We make sure when our patients are in our office we keep them safe and review the procedures to do so very routinely,” he said.

Swenson hopes the new facility will be open for operation by the fall of 2021.