Morrison working to converty property to restaurant after grocery store plans derailed by COVID.

When Brian Morrison came back to Waverly from his current home in Connecticut last week, it was to begin a new plan. Explaining that he finally had bowed to the inevitable as his dream of opening a grocery store on property he had purchased at 304 West Main Street was derailed by challenges resulting from the pandemic, he revealed that he now is planning to open a new restaurant there instead.

Pointing one after another at the three adjoining storefronts which make up the property which he no longer intends to turn into a market, Morrison said, “So we’re going to put a restaurant here, pool tables and dart board here, and over there a nice, little bar.”

While the projected opening date is still to be determined, he said he is optimistic, adding, “We’ve got a lot of work to do, but they just turned on the power so we can get busy on some repairs, and next week the electrician will be putting in all my new lights.”

“Trying to get into the grocery store was a little bit harder due to the pandemic,” he explained. “You’ve got to get in touch with vendors, and everybody wants to deal with their own franchise. But for a restaurant you can get anybody to deliver your meats and vegetables and whatever you need.”

“But you know what?” he continued. “I wanted to bring something to the town anyway. Get this place jumping. That’s what I want to do. Get people jobs. Get kids off the street giving them jobs – give them something to do.”

“I feel good about this,” he added. “That’s why I decided to do it. It’s a big change, but my family is looking forward to moving down here to run it, and it’ll be something nice for the town to have. The family can cook, and we’ll have kind of a country and Jamaican mixture – oxtails, jerk chicken, collard greens, fried chicken, fish on Fridays plus finger food like chicken tenders, wings, curly fries, steak fries, cheeseburgers – a lot of variety.”

As for the rest of the venture, he explained that he intends to turn the three-part site into “a nice place to wind down after work – have a nice glass of wine, happy hour. Then on weekends you can watch your sports on the 15 TVs I’m putting in here. It’s going to be like a nice, friendly, local restaurant/sports room.”