Greensville County Circuit Court Clerk Linda B. Edwards.

The Library of Virginia announced that the Circuit Court Records Preservation (CCRP) program has awarded Greensville County Circuit Court Clerk Linda B. Edwards a grant in the amount of $37,207.00 for local records preservation. The funds will be used to preserve Assessors Book 1870- 1875; Guardian Book 1801-1820; Land Books 1837-1840; Land Books 1861-1870; Land Books 1889-1892; Order Book 1834-1840; Order Book 5, 1810-1815 and Property Identification Maps stored in her office. They will also be digitized so that they can be made available to the public through the Clerk's online records management system.

“We're very excited,” Mrs. Edwards said. "These records are the history of our county,” We have an obligation to make sure that they are available for future generations."

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