Francis Wood, an award winning writer and a former Brunswick County resident, donated two books to the Meherrin Regional Library. Director Becky Walker accepted the books and thanked Wood for his generous donation. The Brunswick County Library is located in Lawrenceville and the Richardson Memorial Library is located in Emporia.

Award-winning author and former Brunswick County resident, Francis Wood was in Lawrenceville recently to leave copies of his latest books, The Story Stick and Life is a Peach (When it’s Not the Pits) with the Brunswick County Library. Books were also donated for the Richardson Memorial Library in Emporia.

The author, who has now published 40 titles, is also a veteran radio personality and president and GM at Colonial Broadcasting Company (WFLO AM/FM) in Farmville.

In his book, The Story Stick: Devin Dunnavant sits at his bedroom window and imagines himself experiencing one more adventure out among the nature he knows and loves. He longs to walk hand in hand with his wife again and feel the sun on his face and the wind at his back. But, the illness that has robbed him of his strength and ability is unrelenting, and each day he feels himself slipping farther away from the life and the family he has known and loved. That is, until one day a promise and a heart-felt prayer find the spirit of one who can bring the vessel through which a miracle can happen.

Life is a Peach (When it’s not the Pits) is a collection of short stories in which Francis shares more than a dozen reminiscences of his life in rural Virginia. The fact that peaches play such an integral part in his life experiences is certainly a testament to the author’s uninhibited passion for the fruit. The juxtaposition of the peach is the inspiration for stories that will tug at your heartstrings and, also, tickle your imaginations and is a view into the skillfulness of this storyteller.

Interested readers can find out more about Francis Wood by going to his website at: www.tipofthemoon.com. His books can be ordered from his website or from his author’s page at Amazon.com