The City of Emporia and Greensville County registrars have both reported an increase in requests for “vote by mail” ballots, as well as early in-person voters since the election began on Sept. 18.

Ashley Wall, the City of Emporia registrar, said 141 people have visited the registrar’s office to vote in-person. Wall said she has also approved over 400 “vote by mail” requests for ballots.

Greensville County Registrar Susan Conwell said 289 citizens have voted in-person at her office since Sept. 18. She said in that time, she has approved 648 “vote by mail” requests for ballots.

Absentee voting – either voting early in-person or “vote by mail” – end on Oct. 31, the Friday before the Nov. 3 general election.

Visit your local registrar’s office to vote in-person, or visit to request a “vote by mail” ballot.