Jessica Terry (first from left) placed second in the Girls 7-10 group.

On Thursday, July 30, the Southside Piedmont Junior Golf Association (SPJGA) hosted its final championship tournament of the season at Tanglewood Shores Golf & Country Club in Bracey, Virginia. Of the many competitors, two Emporia natives received awards.

Jessica Terry, 9, placed second in the “Girls 7-10” group with a score of 63, while Rahilly Abernathy, 15, placed fifth in the “Girls 14-17” group with a score of 120. Abernathy was also given the sportsmanship award for her age group, an award for which she was nominated by fellow players.

Overall, 60 youth from eight counties across the state competed in this year’s final tournament. In order to qualify for the championship, juniors must have participated at least three of the five weekly tournaments hosted between June and July.

In a statement, the SPJGA said golf has been a great outlet for kids this summer, especially when it comes to social distancing.

For more pictures of the winners and information about the SPJGA, visit its Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/SouthsidePiedmontJuniorGolfAssociation