Dennis Miles, left, speaks to WTVR Television Richmond senior reporter Wayne Covil Thursday afternoon.

Citizens of Emporia-Greensville are seeking assistance with what they are describing as inefficient mail delivery in the area.

“Still no mail again today, one area resident told the Independent-Messenger. “I’m waiting on some important tax papers and a couple of packages that show received in Emporia right now. Last week we only received mail one day. It’s a shame people cannot get their mail, and it’s being held hostage due to poor inefficiency.”

Complaints of late mail delivery — or not being delivered at all, have intensified in the last three weeks. City, County, and media offices have been inundated with phone calls. One of the top concerns is needed medications not delivered on time.

Martha Dodd-Slippy said she has reached out to the office of the incoming Virginia Attorney General, Jason Miyares. Dodd-Slippy has several concerns about the mail delivery out of the Emporia Post Office. She continued, saying the problem with local mail delivery has been going on for months. Dodd-Slippy said she has also talked to the union representative in Pennsylvania regarding the Emporia Post Office.

On Thursday, Wayne Covil, senior reporter of WTVR Channel 6 of Richmond, came to Emporia to investigate the complaints. He interviewed Skippers resident Juanita Wright about her troubles with the local postal delivery. She cited late delivery and frustration with the process in recent weeks. She said bills for people in the community are getting paid long after they are due bringing late fees to the table.

Dennis Miles told Covil his top issue is postal customers are not being informed of delays due to a lack of postal carrier personnel to deliver mail.

Postal customers of Emporia-Greensville are looking at all avenues to have their issues with prompt postal delivery satisfied. They hope Thursday’s efforts are a significant step toward resolving what they are saying is a significant problem of late mail delivery in the community.