Dr. Shaneka Rose

Jackson-Feild Behavioral Health Services (JFBHS) is pleased to announce that Dr. Shaneka Rose has been named Director of Education for the Gwaltney School. She previously served as the school’s special education coordinator.

Rose is a native of Sussex County. After graduating from Sussex Central High School she received her Bachelor, Master’s and Doctorate degrees from Virginia State University.

She began her professional career as a site supervisor for an adolescent crisis management program. She was an academic case manager for a program in Hopewell and left to become the lead teacher for a literacy program in Petersburg. She returned to Sussex County where she served as the lead special education teacher in the middle school.

She came to Jackson-Feild in 2019 and was responsible for special education services for students with disabilities prior to her promotion.

Rose is excited and thrilled to serve in this new capacity. She is well liked and respected by the students as well as his colleagues, and her promotion has been well-received. With infectious enthusiasm, Rose is a visionary who constantly seeks to improve herself and the Gwaltney School. We look forward to her leadership in making the Gwaltney School a leader in educating children with mental illness.