GCPS Superintendent Dr. Kelvin Edwards

Greensville County Public Schools have announced that all students and faculty across the school system will be given the day off for Monday, Nov. 22 and Tuesday, Nov. 23.

According to the G.C.P.S. social media, those days have been designated as “well-being days”.

This is in addition to the off-days that were originally scheduled for Nov. 24-26 due to the Thanksgiving holiday, meaning that G.C.P.S. personnel will have an entire week off, not counting weekends.

“Well-being days” have slowly become more commonplace, as businesses and institutions continue to deal with the economic and social aftershocks from the pandemic.

A restaurant in Cape Cod, Massachusetts made national headlines by instituting a “Day of Kindness” to give their employees a break from “verbally abusive” customers.

On Aug. 30 and Sept. 13, all Bojangles company-owned restaurants (not including the one in Emporia, which is a franchised location) closed for two days to give overworked employees a break, although they were not paid for this time off.

Over the past few months, schools around the nation have dealt with the growing pains of returning to physical learning after over a year of pandemic-induced virtual homeschooling. The schools of Greensville County are no exception, as they have had to face chronic staffing shortages which have still yet to fully resolve.

Even as in-person school life slowly becomes more and more routine, COVID-19 is a lingering threat, especially as the fall and winter cold season ramps up. Still, the federal clearance of vaccines for children aged 5-11 could stem a potential new wave of cases from schools.

"We are looking at days in the calendar in second semester

to possibly be used for the social and emotional welfare for students and

staff," said Greensville County Public Schools Superintendent Kelvin