Greensville County Board of Supervisors Chairman James Brown.

A memorandum dated June 30 to acting Greensville County Administrator Gary Cifers from County Attorney Russell Slayton and Gregory Haley shed light on Greensville County's decision to eliminate voting privileges to City School Board representatives. The memo was created to facilitate the scheduled conference call between the GCPS Board and Greensville County Board of Supervisors that same day.

The reason given in the memorandum for eliminating voting privileges for City representatives is the expiration of the contract that brought City representation to the School Board.

The memo read in part: "All school facilities are, and have always been titled in the name of the County School Board, as provided for by state law. Notwithstanding facilities ownership, state law provides for the creation of a County School Board and a separate City School Board. By contract (not state law), the City has participated in the Greensville County School Board by two City representatives serving on the GCSB. Because the shared School Board was created by contract, the existence of the shared School Board depends on the continued existence of the contract which created the Shared School Board. The initial twenty-year contracts extended once for two years and then again for one year. The efforts to negotiate a third extension of that contract failed. As a result, the contractual arrangement which created the shared School Board will not exist tomorrow, so the shared School Board will not exist tomorrow (July 1).  

The memo said the County School Board might allow City representatives to participate in School Board meetings in a limited way without voting privileges. Janie Bush and Marva Dunn represented the City on the School Board as vice chairman and chairman, respectively, before the County decision.

A memo signed by County Supervisor James Brown said the County would continue its educational services for students residing in Emporia in Fiscal Year 21-22. The City will be charged to cover the costs of City students based on the ADM (Average Daily Enrollment).