Mattox Allen and his pup Rose hop on stage during the 2018 Southside Virginia Doggie Fashion Show and Luncheon at the Golden Leaf Commons.

The Greensville County Board of Supervisors recently voted unanimously to delay the reopening of the Golden Leaf Commons (GLC) through July. GLC facility manager Debbie Norwood Drummond briefed Supervisors on the standing of Gov. Ralph Northam’s current Executive Order and how it would affect any events held at the Commons in coming weeks and months.

According to Drummond, renters would need to provide an extensive plan detailing how they would adhere to all COVID-19 guidelines set forth by the governor. Plans would need to detail how renters would enforce social distancing requirements, meet cleaning and sanitization protocols, screen and temperature check all guests, keep count of guests, and separate all guests who are not from the same household. Drummond added that she had reached out to other event spaces that cater to similar group sizes in the area to assess their reopening strategies.

Drummond also expressed her concern for the safety of her staff during any potential upcoming events. She said any events held in the Commons at this time would put her staff and guests at an unnecessary risk. When asked plainly how she felt about re-opening the Commons, Drummond didn’t hold back.

“I’m not comfortable at all,” Drummond said, “because I know from previous events, even when we are in a normal state, there can be challenges, especially with the consumption of alcohol. It’s going to be difficult.

Acting County Administrator Gary Cifers said the County had received some inquires from suitors looking to rent the Commons for events in June and July. Any events already scheduled in that timeframe will be rescheduled.