The Emporia City Council approved the recommendation to adopt Ligon Drive in the Industrial Park as a public street, pending approval from the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Most people in the City of Emporia know the location of the Emporia Industrial Park off Reese St.

For those that have ventured into the Industrial Park, it’s a pretty good bet they don’t know the location of Ligon Drive. However, they have likely glanced at the gravel-covered dead-end roadway in the park leading to the entrance of a pair of commercial properties.

Emporia Deputy Director of Public Services Alton Mason hopes that will soon change. Mason asked City Manager William Johnson to submit a proposal to the City Council to approve the development and adopt Ligon Drive as a public street. The Council approved the recommendation Tuesday evening during its regular meeting.

“Heavy trucks travel this street frequently to enter businesses,” Johnson said. “City crews are constantly pulled from their daily tasks to fill potholes created by vehicles traveling this street. The projected cost to develop and pave the street is $62,000.”

With the City Council’s approval in hand, the next step in the process is to send an application to the Virginia Department of Transportation to request maintenance payments. Johnson said Ligon Drive would enhance public safety and economic development in Emporia Industrial Park.