Effective immediately, Greensville County Public Schools will operate under a 10-point grading scale for students grade 1-12. The School Board voted unanimously to adopt the change during their meeting Monday, Oct. 13.

The shift from the current 7-point grading scale creates a new weighting system for courses, allowing students in Greensville County to improve their GPA and remain competitive with peers on a statewide level. Under a 7-point system, students from Greensville County could receive the same numerical grades as a student under the 10-point scale, but their letter grades and GPAs would differ.

“This is good news for our students,” said Janey Bush, School Board vice chairman. “I think it will be a good thing for our school system moving forward.”

Greensville County joins a growing majority of school districts in Virginia that have adopted the 10-point grading scale in the last decade.

Surrounding counties of Greensville already using the 10-point scale include Brunswick, Dinwiddie and Sussex.