Kathy Howerton is the program administrator for Greensville County. She has worked for Greensville County for nearly 30 years.

Katherine Howerton has dedicated her life’s work to Greensville County and its residents since 1994. A lifelong resident and GCHS graduate herself, Howerton knows how best to serve the community in which she has spent her entire life. Howerton has served as the County’s program administrator since 2016. But it was a long road around the County that led Howerton to where she is today.

In 1994, Howerton began working for the County as the building and planning technician. During that time, she completed a multitude of certifications with the Virginia Building Code Academy, the Virginia Certified Boards of Zoning Appeals Program and the Virginia Certified Planning Commissioner’s Program. Howerton said these certifications helped her gain knowledge about her role and better serve residents.

Then in 2000, Howerton helped spearhead the Geographic Information System (GIS) program in Greensville County. The GIS department uses digital mapping systems to analyze land use in the County. She remained in that department for 16 years, ending her time as a GIS specialist.

Now in her role as program administrator, Howerton spends her time researching and writing grants to assist with funding projects around the County. Her work greatly benefits a number of departments and the County’s administrators, but can be challenging at times.

“The greatest challenge of my job is writing a grant application on a subject I know very little about,” Howerton said. “I need to reach out to those with knowledge to learn the background information before I begin writing. That information coupled with research provides a foundation upon which I can write.”

As truly one of the hardest workers around, Howerton attributes her tremendous work ethic and dedication to her upbringing.

“Well you see, I was raised that you give 110% to your job and take pride in what you do, no matter what,” Howerton said. “Therefore, I believe my work not only saves the departments and the County money, but the hard working, tax-paying citizens as well. Moreover, I feel I am providing a great value for their money. I also pride myself in offering great customer service whereby I go above and beyond to assist a customer or citizen with whatever need or question they may have.”

Like so many others, Howerton’s work was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. When she isn’t working, she has been helping at local testing sites and vaccination clinics when needed. She also helps with public meetings at the Golden Leaf Commons.

“I, like everyone else, am ready for this to be over and return to a ‘normal’ life whatever that may be.”