Tia Powell prepares Broccoli Potato Soup during a recent healthy cooking demonstration at Spivey’s Market.

The Community Health Action Team (CHAT) is back in the action phase.

CHAT Team member Tia Powell recently set up a station in Spivey’s Market to perform a cooking demonstration for customers. It’s part of the nutrition education supported by the CHAT organization. Powell made Broccoli Potato Soup.

“Since Fall is here, I thought I would do a comfort food,” Powell said. “The weather is changing, and it’s getting a little bit cooler. This dish is something they can prepare for their families, especially now with the kids back in school.”

Powell brought 50 bags to hand out to customers participating in the cooking demonstration. The customers tasted Powell’s cooking and garnered a CHAT bag containing the ingredients for the Broccoli Potato Soup and other items, such as a salad shaker.

With the pandemic still impacting CHAT events such as Kids4Life, the team makes sure it remains visible in the community. It recently had a playground erected at the County site and is working on other projects. For now, healthy cooking demonstrations by Powell are part of the CHAT mission to instill healthy dietary habits in the commumnity.

Powell’s healthy cooking demonstration is an activity that keeps the group visible. She expects to be out again later this month for another cooking demonstration. The date is yet to be determined.