Participants work on making a winter wreath at Thurman Adult Day Care in January. Pictured clockwise at the table from left are Leon Goode, Cathy Williams, Rondell Drumgoole, Ina Bell, Richard Wyche.

The doors of Thurman Adult Day Care closed in January for what was expected to be a short stint. But, unfortunately, the doors have yet to reopen.

Thurman Adult Day Care Director Robyn Holloway told the Emporia City Council members that Medicaid owes the Center more than $28,000 in reimbursements. She reached out to the Virginia Department of Health and the Department of Social Services to get Medicaid funding. Unfortunately, that help hasn’t come.

“This past year has been devastating for all of us as individuals, families, as well as small businesses,” Holloway said. “We are a new and much-needed business to this community as we provide a level of day health care and support for individuals, who may otherwise be put in a nursing home or assisted living facility, to remain at home with family.”

Holloway asked the City’s governing body for $15,000 in assistance to reopen the doors. She plans to approach Greensville County for help soon.

City Councilman Woody Harris said Medicaid not covering the costs associated with the Thurman Adult Day Care Center is an absurdity. By not covering the costs associated with care at the site, Medicaid ends up shelling out significantly more significant sums of money in the nursing home and rehabilitation Center Placement bills, he said.

City Manager William Johnson said another round of CARES Act funding is coming to Emporia soon. The target date is June 15, but the date continues changing. When the revenue arrives and the stipulations of spending the money are set, he will see if the Center qualifies for assistance.

Harris said he has not always agreed with previous CARES Act assistance choices made by leaders. But, to Harris, Thurman Adult Day Care Center is a prime example of a business that deserves assistance.

“This is legitimate,” he said. “This is deserving. If there ever was a case that laid a foundation to warrant that (assistance), this is it.”

Thurman Adult Day Care Center is for adults 18 and older giving people a place to get involved in activities. The center is contracted through the Department of Medical Assistance Services. Thurman Adult Day Care Center accepts all Medicaid Managed Care, Medicaid, and Veteran’s Care Insurance. The 1226 S. Main St. facility provides care for people from Emporia, Greensville, Brunswick, Sussex, Southampton, and Dinwiddie counties.

Co-owner John Thurman has deep ties in Emporia-Greensville. He was the administrative director at Greenville Memorial Hospital for 25 years. He later founded Stony Creek’s Personal Touch Home Health Care, which has been in operation for nearly 30 years. Thurman said the center is his way to give back to a community that gave him so much.