Kim Swenson Bell serves the community in a number of roles.

Kim Swenson Bell is a servant of Greensville County. Known by most as “Kim Swenson” or “Kim,” Bell, who married on May 1, serves the community in a number of roles from her position as Children’s Services Act Coordinator in the County’s Finance Department.

Bell was born and raised in Greensville County, and represents the third generation of her family to do so. A Greensville County High School graduate, Bell began working for the County in 2004 as a receptionist and office assistant. In November of 2005, she transitioned into her role as CSA Coordinator.

“The Children’s Services Act is a law, enacted in 1993,” Bell said, “that provides funding and multi-disciplinary planning for eligible at-risk children and their families. In this role, I work closely with the Department of Social Services, Court Services, Mental Health, and Greensville County Public Schools.”

In her role, Bell’s primary responsibilities are to oversee and coordinate mandated services under the CSA. 

She is responsible for processing the accounts payable and processing payroll for Southside Regional Jail Authority, as well as the Industrial Development Authority.

Wearing so many hats at once requires organization and the dedicated spirit that Bell possesses. Her work requires her to work with every other County department, as well as outside groups and the citizens of the County.

That inspired work ethic is what Bell said has carried the County employees through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I feel as a whole, Greensville County employees have done extremely well continuing to serve our citizens during the pandemic,” Bell said. “We have very dedicated employees who have continued to report to the Government Complex daily. Employees have been flexible in executing their duties without any interruptions. We have found creative ways to conduct business and provide services to the citizens.”

The County Administrative building installed walk-up windows in late 2020 for multiple departments to be better able to serve the public in the age of masks and social distancing. And like so many others, Bell is excited by the proximity of returning to normal. She said she misses the face time with her peers and coworkers.

While she knows her role with the CSA is one that takes place largely behind the scenes, Bell said she is proud of the relationships she has established and fostered with so many agencies and individuals in the community.

“I take pride in playing a small part of children and families in our community receiving the services they need and deserve.”