Pictured from left are Judah Brown, Minnie Mayes, Malachi Brown, and Israel Brown.

School doesn’t have to end when the bell rings, and for students in Greensville County, there’s a new place to get homework done and have some help while doing it.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Washington Park Association — located on Dry Bread Road — provides after-school tutoring and homework help from 4 to 6 p.m.

Volunteer Minnie Mayes serves as teacher and program leader along with Washington Park executive board member Esther Easter.

“So [students] come in, basically, to get help for homework and to get a little socialization with other kids,” said Easter. “Most of the time we give them a snack when we come in.”

According to Easter, the program has pulled in five children a day at maximum so far, and the majority of the children currently enrolled are homeschooled. However, the organizers of the program hope that with time, more families from around the region will be compelled to bring their children to Washington Park after school.

“We’ve contacted the elementary school and the school board, and hopefully we can get more students coming in,” said Easter.

For parents interested in signing their child up, email the Washington Park Association at washington parkassocoffice@gmail.com.