GSO deputy Dylan Hafey recently completed Dispatch Training School.

Dylan Hafey of the Greensville County Sheriff’s Office recently graduated from the 45th Basic Dispatching School in Chesterfield.

The deputy joined the Sheriff’s Office in November. He was off and running from the day he joined the force. His peers made the transition into his new career smooth, to say the least.

“The people at the Greensville Sheriff’s Office are a great group to work with,” he said. “They have a positive attitude whether they are on duty or off duty. That made it easier for me to fit in when I started the job.”

During his training in Chesterfield, Hafey learned vital aspects of taking emergency calls. One is techniques on preparing for calls before they come in. The deputy said the knowledge he learned during the one-week course will help him perform better in his dispatcher role.

When the Emporia-Greensville native receives a call, he gets as much information as possible to assist the responding party or parties before they arrive at the scene. When the responders have the basic knowledge of the situation happening when they arrive, they can move into the action-phase once they exit their vehicles. It’s the behind the scenes work of the dispatchers that give responders the tools needed. It’s that behind the scenes effort the public doesn’t see. A shift as a dispatcher can get fairly busy. Hafey has seen as many as 15-20 calls come in during a shift.

“The most rewarding part of the job is helping others in need,” Hafey said.

When the public watches responders arrive at their destination, it only sees one part of the process. The first step has already been implemented by Hafey and his peers.