GCPS Superintendent Dr. Kim Evans

A group of Greensville County principals spoke with the School Board detailing the challenging nature of the first week of the 2020 school year. The meeting was held virtually on Zoom.

Nicole Coker, principal of Greensville Elementary School, said the first week of school was “wonderful but very different.”

“In a school the size of Greensville Elementary,” Coker said, “it takes everyone to make anything a success.”

Coker thanked teachers and staff at the school for helping to distribute devices and assisting with their drive-thru open house the previous week. She also thanked the Greensville County Sheriff’s Department for directing traffic during the event.

Coker said she has been with Greensville County schools for 24 years now, and believes the best is yet to come.

Belfield Elementary School principal Mary Person said the first week was “extremely busy,” and some students were having difficulty getting into virtual classrooms. But she said her staff and parents were able to resolve those issues.

Lameka Harrison, principal of Greensville County High School, highlighted details of the school’s welcome week that included a chrome book distribution and welcome video created by the staff and administration.

Harrison said the high school’s teachers are dedicated to building relationships, teaching expectations and establishing routines and procedures for their students.

“I believe that no matter what,” Harrison said, “we will continue to walk like, talk like, act like and work hard like heavyweight champs.”

Several principals said their teachers reported perfect attendance in many of their classes during the first few days of the school year. Superintendent Kim Evans offered a big thank you to all of the county and school staff for working hard during this tumultuous time.