Pro Labor Temps owner Darlene Woodard (center left) and WBS accountant Susan Tudor (center right) watch Mayor Carolyn S. Carey (center) cut the ribbon at Woodard Business Services.

The Emporia-Greensville Chamber of Commerce officially welcomed Woodard Business Services to the community last week with a formal ribbon cutting and open house. Emporia Mayor Carolyn S. Carey and City Manager William Johnson were just two of the many local friends and business owners who gathered to celebrate the occasion.

Susan Tudor, who serves as the office manager and staff accountant for Woodard Business Services, said it was exciting to finally open the doors of her new office. Tudor helps clients with their bookkeeping, payroll and tax needs. Woodard first opened for business in February, right before the busy tax season got underway.

Woodard Business Services is owned by Pro Labor Temps, Llc. Owner Darlene Woodard had used Tudor’s services previously, and had the idea to bring her onto the staff in her own role, and thus the business was born.

“The temp service is booming,” Woodard said, “and so I needed an accountant. We were talking back and forth and [Tudor] was wanting to explore something new, so I said ‘come to work with me.’”

Woodard said Tudor is a great asset to the company. She feels a sense of security in Tudor’s work knowing that all of the bookkeeping and payroll services are being performed to the highest standard.

Tudor said that her work on the financial side of the company allows Woodard to focus on sales and marketing. It’s truly a cohesive partnership.

Carey cut the ribbon just after noon on Thursday, May 27. EGCC Director Nancy Rose said it’s always special when the city can welcome a new small, locally owned business to the family.

Woodard Business Services is located at 508 Belfield Dr. in Emporia, directly behind and attached to Pro Labor Temps, Llc. Woodard Business Services is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.