CJ Craighead #1 prepares to pass to # 5 Jasaun Turner for the Renegades touchdown in the win vs. South Hill.

The EGRA Renegades junior varsity team took on the South Hill Yellow Jackets in a game that that pitted coaches (Renegades) Everett Moore vs (South Hill) Ryan Hayes brothers against each other. In order to make play interesting the brothers created a belt to go to the winner of the game.

The Renegades took the kick off and receiver #21 Trevor Walton rumbled with the ball to his own 45 yard line. CJ Craighead, Jr would hand off to Jake Byrd for no gain, then a handoff to Walton for a small gain, a handoff to Zah’eir Harrison for a 18-yard first down.

Two incomplete passes, and then a handoff to Jasaun Turner for another first down. Three run attempts and an incomplete pass would turn the ball over to the Yellow Jackets.

Harrison, Anthony Reeves, Jayden Jefferson, Chai Waller, Ta’Quan Hicks would hold South Hill to the line of scrimmage, before Turner would intercept the ball for a Renegade takeover. South Hill would answer with an interception. South Hill would have trouble holding on to the ball and #53 Kinley Scott-Ridley would recover for the Renegades. Halftime would stop a Renegade drive.

Jasaun Turner would kick the ball to South Hill and stop the run. The Renegades would force a South Hill turnover.

CJ Craighead hurled a 30-yard pass to Jasaun Turner for a touchdown, however no extra point. The Renegades would lead 6 to 0.

Both teams would battle back and forth in the same territory for the remainder of the game and the Renegades would take the Battle of the Belt and the win.