Jay Ewing, left, shakes hands with Wilson Clary.

For one Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center staff member, the connection to the concert series goes much deeper than a corporate sponsorship.

Jay Ewing, Facility Compliance Officer, Admin. Director - Laboratory, Cardiovascular, Respiratory & Sleep Services, has enjoyed the concert series from the beginning.

But it was his father Jim, a member of the Greensville County Board of Supervisors, who played a big role in helping make the Emporia Greensville Performing Arts Center what it is today.

In 1976, it was the vision of Jim, members of the Board of Supervisors and Emporia City Council to build an auditorium for the school that would meet the programming needs of the Meherrin River Arts Council. Jay says, “It means everything to have SVRMC sponsor the shows and be able to continue what he started by supporting MRAC.”

Local entrepreneur, Wilson Clary, remembers that it was Jim’s idea to add one important part onto the new auditorium.

“I always thought it should be called the Jim Ewing Lobby,” Clary said.

The auditorium was a much needed addition at Greensville Elementary School that not only made sense for the students but as a way to grow the concert series.

The theater boasts comfortable seating, with excellent views from all seats and exceptional sound quality.

The stage is even large enough to hold a full symphony orchestra. MRAC has pulled in big names over the years including Boyz II Men, Scotty McCreery, The Beach Boys, and Leann Rimes.

Capping off the 40th anniversary celebration on Saturday May 5 is a performance by The Temptations and the Four Tops.

There’s one act Jay wishes would make a stop in Emporia,

“I’d love to see James Taylor come, I suggest it every year,” he said.

Hopefully James Taylor will one day see the sunny skies of Emporia and Greensville County.

Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center is proud to sponsor the Meherrin River Arts Council. Together we help enrich our communities with exceptional health care and high quality entertainment. You can see a special video tribute featuring Jay and other local supporters at Saturday’s show.