Country star Rodney Atkins sings at the Emporia-Greensville Performing Arts Center.

A packed auditorium accompanied Rodney Atkins as he rocked out to his greatest hits about the Lord, family, and friends at the Emporia-Greensville Performing Arts Center.

Atkins’ energetic performance sparked joy in audience members, bringing smiles to their faces. While Atkins’ music made the audience want to dance, his humor kept them laughing as he talked about his musical journey and making his first album. He informed audience members that the first song he sang at home before his career started was “Going Through Hell.”  

Atkins wove Emporia happenings and his own life into his performance. He dedicated “Figure Out You” to his wife, and during “He’s Mine,” the stage lights shut off and turned back on when Atkins sang “shut off like electricity.” Atkins asked the Jarratt and Greensville Fire Departments to stand so everyone could thank them for their service before performing “It’s America.” Atkins went on to say, “God bless the men and women defending this country,” receiving a round of applause from audience members.  

Throughout the performance band members Ben Miller, Justin Smith and Gideon Klein walked around as purple and yellow lights lit up the stage keeping audience members on their toes. 

Levon opened for Atkins with a half hour set. This beat heavy band’s energetic presence put people in a dancing mood. 

Lead vocalist Michael David Hall’s vibrato countered Ryan Holladay and Jake Singletons’ melodic voices well. Together, the trio created beautiful melodies and appealing love songs. 

One catchy song by Levon was Why Oh Why. A love song with an energetic beat, this tune had band members jumping on stage and audience members clapping along.  

During their performance, Hall dedicated a song to his uncle who died of brain cancer a year ago, informing audience members to tell people you love them every day. 

Atkins was the second performance of the Meherrin River Arts Council’s 47th Concert Series. The Feb. 8 performance was on Atkins’ Caught Up in Country tour. Atkins performed at 7:30 p.m. 

Brie Vassil from Richmond, thought the concert was absolutely amazing.

“I’m not really one to listen to country music, so I felt like I was going out of my box, and it was surprising how much I really liked it. I found a common theme in the songs that I really enjoyed,” Vassil said. 

Vassil attended the performance to spend time with past coworkers.

Anna Gauldin, from McKenney, thought the performance was awesome.

“He sounds just like he does on the radio. I’ve seen a lot of older people perform and they don’t sound as good as they used to, and it was really good,” Gauldin said.

Gauldin came to the concert with friends.