MarQuis Harris performs for his fans that came out to support him during Saturday’s Harris Parade in Emporia.

Fans of MarQuis Harris came out in force late Saturday afternoon to hear the local celebrity’s powerful booming voice. The BET Television show “Sunday Best” finalist didn’t disappoint. Led by an Emporia Police Department escort, Harris rode in the back of a decorated trailer. He belted out high energy gospel sounds as fans filled the sides of Emporia’s Rt. 301.

“I’m a proud supporter,” Marenda Garner said. “I’ve been watching Sunday Best since he’s been on there. I hope he makes it all the way to the end to win.”

Scattered throughout the City are signs of support and congratulations for Emporia native Harris, 25. The Greensville County High School graduate is a member of the Berean Light Ministries Church.

Harris’ singing talent wasn’t a secret to those that know him well. Now he is on national television on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. His extraordinary voice is no longer a secret to residents of Emporia-Greensville, or gospel fans throughout the country surviving elimination and advancing to the final seven Sunday.

“He was my teacher at Wyatt Middle School,” Tyrenz Ferguson said. “I’m so glad he got a chance to be on the show. I hope he wins.”

Harris has already won over the hearts of citizens of Emporia-Greensville. For those that had not heard him sing before Saturday, he raised eyebrows by displaying his undeniable talent as he rode through the City.

Most who came Saturday had already listened to Harris perform on national television, and in person.

“It’s amazing to hear him sing,” Brittany Council said. “He’s such a talented and humble person. He’s also my nephew’s uncle. It’s great to see him and be out here to support family and support my niece who was dancing as he sang.”

Those hearing Harris sing Saturday went home awed by the talent they saw and heard by a performer from the small City of Emporia. Harris has taken that talent nationally and given Emporians bragging rights on one of their own.