The winners of the 16th Annual Brickyard 5 Miler posed with Ray Thomas at the finish line. Pictured left of Thomas, are, Jane Ward, third place, 46:47.39; Shelli Lipton, second place 46:15.11; Julie Hawley, first place.

LAWRENCEVILLE – The weather on Saturday, April 20, was just perfect for the 16th Annual Brickyard 5 Miler that benefits the Lawrenceville Rotary Club Scholarship Fund.

Julie Hawley, a local dentist from Douglas Harman DDS, was the winner of the women’s race. Hawley resides in Henrico, N.C.

The male winner was Dillon Britt from Pendleton, N.C.

The event is held the third Saturday of April and draws dedicated runners as well as people who just wanted to have a great time. The course starts at Lawrenceville Brick on Governor Harrison Parkway and ends when the runners cross the brick finish line in downtown Lawrenceville.

Race Director Ray Thomas thanked the sponsors for their support with a special thanks to Lawrenceville Brick for providing the staging area and Ben Powell for providing the one of a kind trophy. He said without the sponsors the race would not be possible.

Thomas encouraged the participants to sign the Brunswick Health Ambassadors Million Mile Challenge.

As the runners were coming in some of the comments heard were: “The hills are taller this year than last year”, “I can feel the 5 pounds I gained since last year”, and “Why does the course seem longer each year?” and my favorites, “Why do the hills have to come at the end of the race?”

The 17th Annual Brickyard 5-miler will be held Saturday, April 18, 2020. Mark your calendars now and plan to participate.

For more information about the race, call Brunswick Insurance Agency at (434) 848-2112.