To the Editor:

I would like to personally thank each and every person who has been a customer of McClenny’s Exxon where for the past 34 years I have been employed and 54 years for my Dad. It has been a pleasure to serve and care for each of our customers.

As a child I always knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. I wanted to work at the station, just like my Dad. In high school, when all my classmates were playing sports, I was working at the station after school. After graduation from high school, instead of going to college, I chose to start my career at McClenny’s Exxon. At first it was a little difficult. The customers would ask, “Are you sure you know how to check oil? Maybe let Billy or someone else do it.” But after a few years everyone trusted me to care for their older cars, new cars, children’s cars, lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners, bicycles, or whatever there was to be fixed. After a while, everyone felt like family. We would chat about their children and family and also my family. I have always enjoyed what I have done. Whether it was working on a vehicle, towing a car, or waiting on a gas customer, it was always a pleasure to wait on each and every person.

After doing this for over 30 years and working 50 – 70 hours a week, I have decided to close and seek a different career. This decision was a very difficult one to make. I have a lot of customers that have depended on me for many years, and I feel in some ways I am letting them down, however, I hope each of them will understand. I tried to find someone that would buy and take over the station and keep all services, but I was unsuccessful in doing so. After working the past several months as the only employee, I found it almost impossible to keep up and provide good service.

Over the years, we have had some great employees. I would like to thank two employees with whom I spent my career. Billy Peebles was there when I started and worked for us for 21 years. And the most recent was David Baird who also worked with me for 21 years. They both were very instrumental in the success of McClenny’s Exxon and were two very good friends, as well. I have to thank my Dad, Bradford, who stood by my side all my life, giving encouragement, advice and support through it all. Through good times and bad, we supported each other-sometimes disagreeing and fussing - but always in the end working it out. No way could I have done it without him. And last, I want to thank my wife and children. They have always been there for me giving of their time, so I could go out and serve my customers. Whether it was Christmas, New Year’s, Labor Day, a birthday party, or whatever the occasion, they were willing to let me go and return when I could, without ever complaining.

In closing again I would like to thank everyone who has been a customer. Without each of you, we never could have been successful.

Brad McClenny