Kelly Swenson and Mary Beth Vincent hand over cupcakes and banana bread to customers.

Luv4pawz Rescue recently hosted a bake sale at the Emporia Farmers’ Market to raise money for their shelter animals. 

Mary Beth Vincent, a Luv4pawz Rescue volunteer, said the bake sale raised money for the organization’s vet bills, food expenses, and everything that goes along with taking care of the animals. 

“We save animals’ lives. We take animals when they’re not wanted from the community,” Vincent said.

If owners cannot afford to spay or neuter their pets Luv4pawz Rescue helps them.

Customers could buy homemade doggie treats and Thanksgiving goodies for their family and friends.  

To help Luv4pawz Rescue, people can donate their time by cleaning the kennels at the shelters, money and pet food. The organization is looking for people to fill these positions: adoption coordinator, event coordinator, volunteer liaison, foster screener, master handler, boarding partner or shelter dog walker, social media, photograph animals in need of adoption or rescue, administrative support, fundraising, website coordinator, driver and home visitor. 

The Luv4pawz bake sale fundraiser took place from 1-6 p.m. It was all about love for animals.