William Cain prepares for a Board of Supervisors meeting

VDOT should complete work on Highway 301 to the railroad in Jarratt, Virginia, by Sunday.

Jerry Kee, the assistant residency engineer with Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), said VDOT started paving Highway 139 Oct. 18. The project’s completion date is Dec. 1. It will be two weeks before the other section of the project starts because another project needs to be finished. 

The mowing contractor started Route 58 on Oct. 21. He started on the primary and secondary roads and has 30 days from Oct. 21 to finish the project.

The biggest complaints customers have include drainage issues on Milestown Road and pavement separation issues. The shoulders on the edge of the pavement holds water on Pine Log Road.

“The issue is you’ve got a lot of ditches and roads in the county, and somebody needs to get off their behind and get the motor grader out and do it like it used to be done, because you know my opinion of that dadgum ditch truck. I ain’t got a better use for it,” Michael Ferguson, chairman of the Greensville County Board of Supervisors, said.

If people have road maintenance concerns they can call 1-800-367-7623. A VDOT worker can be on the issue in 10 minutes if citizens call them at their 1-800 phone number. 

“When we receive the work order we have less than 48 hours to at least go look at it so we can plan,” Kee said.

Citizens can give VDOT their contact information and VDOT will contact them within 48 hours. Citizens can place their concerns online at vdot.virginia.gov

VDOT can spend $1.2 million a year on maintenance for all of Greensville County. That includes paying workers and other expenses. 

“Once you do that, there’s not a lot there,” Kee said.