Ed and Kay Bryant will be delivering letters to veterans again this year.

It is that time of year again when Emporia-Greensville remembers the veterans that served.

Ed and Kay Bryant will be delivering Christmas Cards for veterans again this year. 

They will have a Christmas Santa Mailbox on the porch at 1940 Sussex Dr., Emporia, for citizens to leave the cards.

Last year the Bryants’ delivered around 5000 Christmas cards to McGuires Veterans Hospital in Richmond. You can do it as a church group, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or just as an individual. Put on the inside of the Card. 

Merry Christmas Veteran and thank you for your Service.  The Bryants will also put their names on the cards. A sticker will be stamped on the cards, reading, Merry Christmas Veteran from Emporia, Virginia on the outside of the envelope.  The cut off date is Dec. 19.