VDOT Administrator Tommy Catlett discusses road projects in the county.

The Greensville County Board of Supervisors brought up problems and dangers posed at Liberty Rd. to Tommy Catlett, Virginia Department of Transportation regional administrator, during Tuesday’s Supervisors meeting. The only outlet for Liberty Rd. residents crosses a train track and Supervisor William Cain said it is creating a problem when a train is parked on the tracks blocking the only entrance and exit.

“People park their cars on the other side because they can’t get across the train track,” Cain said. “Some of them have to walk a whole mile to get back to their house.”

Liberty Rd. is located just outside the City limits off of Hwy. 301 South. In a May Board of Supervisors meeting Val Woodley expressed concern about the residents and what she described as four commercial entities, including children in a child care facility and an Improvement Association Head Start facility located on Liberty Rd. Woodley said emergency and public service vehicles cannot access the church, residents or the children on the eastern side of the tracks when a train is blocking the only entrance and exit to the road.

The supervisors voted to put the road at the top of the priority list during the May meeting. It continued to be a focal point Tuesday. Sheriff W.T. Jarratt echoed Cain’s description of the Liberty Rd.situation as a hazard. Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Michael Ferguson agreed.

“There is no question it is dangerous,” Ferguson said. “The rescue squad can’t get there. I totally agree.”

Ferguson said the Board of Supervisors looked into creating an outlet for residents about 10 years ago but could not get landowners to agree to one proposed solution. He said owners in the area were not interested in selling land or giving right of way. The right of way would have been in emergency situations only.

Wetlands in the area caused another problem for creating road access. Planning Director Linwood Pope said he looked at the files from the past on the issue and confirmed wetlands were a part of the problem, but it might be a good idea to revisit the issue.

Ferguson said Brink Rd., Low Ground Rd. and a few others have problems of drainage from heavy rainfall and asked if something could be done to fix the problem, such as ditches to the side to help them drain. He said vehicles have been hydroplaning due to the standing water. A pipe replacement on Sunnyside Ln., work on Allen Rd. and others by VDOT were brought up by Catlett as he updated the supervisors on VDOT projects. Roadwork in the County and other localities is a constant work in progress, but in Greensville County the issues involving Liberty Rd. have the attention of the supervisors.