Chairman of the Greensville County Board of Supervisors Michael Ferguson, left, speaks during Monday’s Board of Supervisors meeting as Supervisor William Cain looks on.

The Greensville County Board of Supervisors approved of VDOT carrying on with The Sidewalk Project, but no contracts were signed.

In 2015 Greensville County applied for Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) tax funds for the construction of a sidewalk starting at the Greensville County Elementary School and ending at Crescent Road. The original budget was $564,100. The county received tax funds of $451,280 for the project in 2015. The county by resolution committed $112,820 in local funds to the project.

The Sidewalk Project has gone over budget and Greensville County applied for and was told they would receive additional tax funds for the remainder of the project in August. They applied for the funds in April of 2019 and their application was accepted.

The Commonwealth Transportation Board rescinded tax allocations across the state on projects that made no progress. The county gives that money to projects that made progress, which Greensville County did. Instead of going through the application process again to get the additional funds, Greensville County worked with their consultant, Engineer Dewberry, and came up with a new project budget based on today’s costs.

VDOT was told to bid the project as soon as possible to see what it came in at. Two bids, Dickens Construction and the Virginia Carolina Paving Company, proceeded. Dickens Construction submitted a bid of $591,016 and the Virginia Carolina Paving Company submitted a bid of $627,175. They sent the bid packages to VDOT for review.

On Sept. 13, VDOT let Greensville County (guy said “they”) know that the bid submitted by Dickens was not accepted by the Civil Rights Division of VDOT. VDOT gave Greensville County (said them again) permission to proceed with the next bidder, Virginia Carolina Paving Company.

VDOT has already committed $112,820, but with the new budget the company pays an additional $41,828. The bid submitted by the Virginia Carolina Paving Company was $59,376 outside of the total budget. VDOT can reduce the contingency fund and keep the project in the budget. If VDOT is successful in getting 80 percent of the $59,376 they will only be liable for $11,875 instead of $60,000. That would bring the total local match up to what is needed to see the project to the end.

With the new budget, the least the MAMAC will have to fund is an additional $53,000. The most they will have to fund is an addition $100,000.