Firefighters battle a blaze at 130 Baker St. Friday afternoon. The fire was reportedly sparked by an electrical problem.

A fire broke out in an abandoned building on Sept. 6 at 11:30 a.m. at 130 Baker St. in Emporia, Va.

Ricky Pinksaw, Chief of Police, said an electrical accident caused the fire.

“We’re looking at an abandoned building, unknown cause of fire at this time,” Pinksaw said.

If the fire becomes suspicious the Emporia Police Department will reach out to the Virginia State Police. The fire will be classified as an accidental fire if deemed unsuspicious.

Lexi Jones, a school board member and Senior environmentalist of B&B Consultants, said her business remains unaffected by the fire. B&B Consultants resides next door to 130 Baker St. Jones will monitor her building for two days to make sure everything stays quiet.

“I was called at a quarter to 12 by someone who knew me and got the number off of our door and alerted us. I was glad to make it through it and not have to be broken into,” Jones said.

The fire frightened Jones.

“I’ve never had a true emergency in my life and I know it’s just a workplace, and you know materials and stuff, but I take a lot of pride in my business and my assets and stuff, so I was very panicked,” Jones said.

The fire made Jones realize how valuable life is.

“Knowing that none of my employees were here, none of us were here, that made me feel better too. Knowing that they were all with me downtown,” Jones said.

B&B Consultants renovated its facilities a year and a half ago.

130 Baker St. changed landlords a month ago.