The first of five sub-groups of 2020 Greensville County High School graduates exit the campus after receiving their diplomas Friday.

Early Friday afternoon, the first of five groups of Greensville County High School Class of 2020 graduates exited the stage with diploma in hand.

The graduates hopped in vehicles, left the athletic complex and rode, or drove out of the school’s parking lot on to Peachtree St. the routine continued four times, with nearly 160 graduates completing the ceremony.

Social distancing and other safety precautions highlighted the unique graduation event as the pandemic continues to sweep through the region. The graduation ceremony ended with a 7 p.m. graduation parade.

The GCHS Class of 2020 closed a chapter ending a 13-year journey that began in kindergarten in 2008. The final three months of the trek came with uncertainty after Gov. Ralph Northam issued an order to close schools throughout the state due to COVID-19.

The plan for Friday’s graduation came together in early June. It was a plan forced by the impact of the pandemic sweeping the nation. The story of the 2020 GCHS graduation will be long-remembered. The similarity shared with past GCHS graduating classes is the Class of 2020 graduates close one chapter and begin a new journey of their lives.