Supervisor Chair Mike Ferguson

Phase one and two of the MAMaC Offsite Wastewater Construction Contract Resolution was approved.

The GO Virginia grant of $2.2 million funded the base bid for phase one. The lowest bid received exceeded the available funds. The engineer on the project and MAMaC staff negotiated a reduced bid with Ralf Hodge Construction of $1.89 million. The negotiated bid exceeded the available grant funds of $336,791.

The project will carry on to Otterdam Road if they can get the funds they need and support development on the western side of exit 13. MAMaC asked the Greensville County Board of Supervisors for $336,791 in economic development support for construction of the project.

Phase one reaches to Otterdam Road. Phase two reaches from Otterdam Road to the MAMaC site. Ralf Hodge Construction authorized the negotiation and preparation of the construction contract. MAMaC can stop the project if it exceeds its funds, or the project’s contract can be negotiated. If the contact cannot be negotiated upon MAMaC will not be penalized and will not have to go through with the construction. The contractors have indicated that they will accept the contact, but have not done so yet.

The engineer estimate for phase two was $1.2 million by MAMaC, but the company got a bid of $298,990. Getting this money was contingent upon the Economic Development Department obtaining the grant funds to construct phase two of the project. The estimate turned out to be well above the bid because the construction company was already on the site and mobilization remains a large part of the cost.