Emporia’s Chief of Police Ricky Pinksaw speaks to Emporia City Council Board about police cars.

At the Emporia City Council meeting the Emporia Police Department received permission to use drug money to pay for a new police car.

The Emporia Police Department wants to use $25,000 in seized funds from drug transactions to purchase either new emergency equipment or a police vehicle. The ordinates were adopted.

“When the vehicles were budgeted we went by last year’s price, and the vehicles were $5,000 less, or more, this year,” Ricky Pinksaw, Emporia Police Department’s chief of police, said.

The Police Department will give the Council more details on where the money will go.

The quarterly report for the Health Hand Services Social Budget will be checked to see if it is paid biannually. The budget sits at $561,000 annually and $382,000 was already spent. The budget would become $760,000, which is $200,000 over budget.

The Energy Savings Contract was authorized and approved. Mike Allen, co-official with the City of Emporia said the contract deals with updating Emporia’s interior and exterior LED lighting including city owned street lights, traffic signals, upgrades to HV and AC equipment, a roof repair at Emporia Public Works and paying for a water meter project.

“We’d like for the Council to authorize the city manager to move forward with this project because we really want to get going on these water meter replacements,” Allen said.

The contract also deals with Emporia’s security systems including cameras, gates and white cards. The city staff chose ABM Security to continue the project. The $1.8 million budgeted for the water meter can also be used for other infrastructure improvements.

The Oct. 1 meeting minutes were approved. The bills and agenda were approved. 19-80 under retiring police officer was tabled to the next meeting. There will be no meeting Nov. 5.