M.I.N.K.S. Youth and Family Services meets its clients’ needs through kindness and support.

M.I.N.K.S. Youth and Family Services came to Emporia hoping to better the community. 

Angela Brown, founder and program director of M.I.N.K.S. Youth and Family Services, said  M.I.N.K.S. has been in business for 10 years in Richmond. Brown saw a need for her  services in Emporia, so she brought her business to the area. 

“We are hoping to bring a resource to the area that people can utilize to help stabilize their mental health status,” Brown said.

M.I.N.K.S. meets its clients’ individual needs through kindness and support. 

“We want to provide a resource of learning and training to enable an individual to achieve and maintain community stability and independence,” Brown said. 

Their website is minksyfs.com.