During this time of quarantine over the COVID-19 pandemic, we spoke with James Jones owner of Jones Electrical Contractors, Inc.

Jones Electric is a local HVAC company servicing residential and commercial businesses.

Jones said that only part of his business is suffering from the pandemic, on the construction side things have been steady as for entering people’s homes, “We’ve limited our in-home services to emergencies. Even then we practice safety when it comes to entering homes,” Jones said.

With Jones Electric having two locations, Brodnax and Emporia are still open for business, between them both; half of the staff has been laid off. This is nothing new with the closing of so many businesses. Jones also said, “Currently government contracts have been scarce, next to none.” During this time of quarantine bidding for government contracts has not been the best for business.

Jones said being a service business closing is not an option, people still need your services and he commends those who stay open to provide those services.

“All we can do is hope this pandemic ends soon and things can get to a glimmer of normalcy,” said Jones. “Things are looking real bleak to me.”

Jones doesn’t see things getting back to normal any time soon, he stated that his business doesn’t have the normal backlog of clientele as per usual, but that it depends on the people and how they react when things start to slowly reopen. He does not see himself losing his business - it’s just that he doesn’t see things picking up immediately after the quarantine is over.

In the words of Jones, “Time will tell.”