Lynn Parker, left, receives a proclamation from Supervisor Michael Ferguson for his action after discovering a fire at a Greensville County home and alerting the residents.

We often revere to sports stars or celebrities as heroes. But most real heroes are not people of great renown. They work and live in the community.

Greensville County Board of Supervisors took a pause during a recent meeting to acknowledge, recognize and present a proclamation of heroic measure to Supervisor of Greensville County Landfill Lynn Parker. 

On May 3, Parker noticed a fire in the flower bed on the property located on Quarter Moon Rd. Parker didn’t hesitate to jump into action, knocking on the door of the home to advise the occupant that their home was on fire.

Parker proceeded to dial 911 and happened to spot a nearby water hose and was able to quickly extinguish the fire before it reached the roof and the home.

Parker had completely extinguished the fire prior to the fie department’s arrival. The County Board of Supervisors recognized Parker for his selfless act of heroism and minimizing  damage to the residence and saving the occupants life.

“Job well done,” Supervisor Michael W. Ferguson said.