Sheila Ferguson, standing, presents a question to the Greensville County Board of Supervisors earlier this month.

Have you ever attended a Greensville County Board of Supervisors meeting and during the meeting or even prior to the meeting ending, the question is asked ‘Are there any questions or comments?”

However, you walk away without ever getting the answer to your question. During a recent meeting Sheila Ferguson a resident of the Emporia community addressed the Greensville County Board of Supervisors and asked a simple however important and interesting question.

“If someone asked a question during Citizens Comments, when and in what manner is the question answered,?” she asked.

According to Supervisor Michael Ferguson the Board of Supervisors has been instructed many years ago that the Board could not respond but the County Attorney would be the person responding to the individual. He noted that the Board has been advised legally not to respond. Michael Ferguson went on to clarify that there should have been an answer in the minutes and did not understand why answers to the publics questions aren’t in the minutes. He then asked Greensville County Administrator Brenda Parson did she know why the answers to citizens questions were not in the minutes?

“The answers wouldn’t be contained in the minutes,” said Parson.

According to Parson if there were a question asked then staff would respond to it after the meeting date, and that staff would check into the information and respond to the citizen’s comments after the meeting.

However, if the question from any citizen is in regards to a legal matter then staff would have to consult with the County Attorney first. Michael Ferguson expressed to Sheila Ferguson that if she had any questions, to please speak with Parson or staff to get a response to the question.

From the look on Sheila Ferguson’s face she seemed a little baffled. Before she stepped away from the speakers podium to take her seat she had one last thing to say.

“ If questions are asked publicly, they should be answered publicly or the answer should be included in the minutes.”