Tina Driver, left, and Jean Cobb display their peanut-based treats Thursday at the Emporia Farmers Market during the annual Kook Off Kick Off event .

The Virginia peanut buttered up the Kick-Off Kook-Off on Sept. 26.

Ross Smith and Ashley Townsend from the Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center participated in the Kook-Off to showcase what the hospital provides.

“Since we’re part of the community I figured that we should participate in community events,” Smith said.

The Kick-Off Kook-Off created a new experience for the community.

“There’s a lot of things that you can do with peanuts, and [others should participate] to show people that you don’t just have to do the simple stuff. I see chilies, I see pies. You can incorporate peanuts into pretty much any dish,” Smith said.

Nancy Rose, event lead, said people should participate in the event for fun.

“It’s the opening of the Virginia Peanut Festival. It’s the Kick-Off Kook-Off and it’s just a great way to celebrate the Virginia peanut,” Rose said.

Everyone cooking for the event made a recipe using peanuts or peanut butter. Some of the dishes were thai peanut shrimp and coleslaw made by the Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center, gourmet peanut sandwiches and peanut soup made by Three Bears and a Tree and peanut butter chili made by the Greensville/Emporia 4-H Club.

Desserts included Tina Driver’s chocolate chip peanut butter bacon cookies, Jean Cobb’s chocolate covered Ritz, Cindy and George Seal’s peanut butter pie and The Bank by Olivia’s mini “Fluffernutter” cupcakes.