The Greensville County Board of Supervisors listen to a plan from the Virginia Department of Health’s Roxanne Marr-Shears. Pictured from left are supervisors Tony Conwell, Raymond Bryant, Michael Ferguson, William Cain, Administrator Brenda Parson, Assistant Administrator Gary Cifers.

The Crater District Health Department created a program to address teen pregnancy in Greensville County.

The Department’s new teen clinic will start in January. They want to bring in a nurse practitioner specifically for teens and to provide health education for teens in Greensville County and Emporia. 

The Crater District Health Department is looking to bring trauma-informed care to schools in Greensville County. 

“This is a partnership that we respect and we value. We want to make sure that what we do at Crater Health District and at the Greensville-Emporia Health Department resonated in the community and it supports the community needs,” Roxanne Marr-Shears, general admin manager of the Virginia Department of Health, said. 

The Greensville Board of Supervisors approved the local government agreement for the Crater Health Department.