Circuit Judge Allan Sharrett gives a presentation on the court system.

The Emporia-Greensville and Jarratt Neighborhood Watch toured the Greensville County Courthouse and learned how it operates from Greensville Circuit Judge Allan Sharrett last week.

The Neighborhood Watch visited the General District Courts, Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Courts, Circuit Courts and the judges’ chambers. 

While on the tour, the group learned where each person in the courtroom stood and what their job was. 

Sharrett talked about the different parts of the Circuit Court. The bar in the courtroom separates the public space from the trial space and the bench is where the clerk, court reporter, sheriff’s deputy and the judge sit.

“When I put on the black robe I stand for the law. It’s really important that the law is impartial. And as the representative of the law, it’s important that I sit in the middle. I’m not favoring this side, I’m not favoring this side, I’m impartial,” Sharrett said. 

The flags in the courtroom are taller than any human possibly could be because the flags stand for the law of the U.S. and of Virginia. The flags remind Sharrett and everyone in the courtroom that everything done in the courtroom is done under the law. 

Sharrett talked about the first three words in the Constitution being “We the People,” and how those three words tell a story about the U.S. 

“We don’t have mere citizens, we have “We the People” decide the fortunes, freedom and the futures of our fellow citizens,” Sharrett said. 

The tour ended with questions from the Emporia-Greensville and Jarratt Neighborhood Watch.