Kathleen Sestak explains how Girl Scouts enrich the lives of girls.

Emporia Girl Scouts were the first to experience 42 new badges launched this fall by Girl Scouts of the United States of America.

The 42 badges include more skill building, science, technology, engineering and math and outdoor badges. The badges specifically focus on cybersecurity, outdoor adventure, space science and coding.

“Combined with our existing unique and proven program, these new badges help girls embark on a lifetime of leadership, success and adventure beyond their wildest dreams,” Kathleen Sestak, senior director of membership and member services, said.

Girl Scouts helps girls discover their full potential. 100% of female U.S. secretaries of state, 80% of female technology leaders, 72% of U.S. female senators, 58% of U.S. congresswoman and 50% of women business owners were Girl Scouts.

Girls carve out their own experiences through engaging, fun and challenging activities like earning badges, going on trips, honing financial literacy skills, exploring science, getting outdoors and participating in community service projects.

“Girls are inspired to discover their talents and passions in a safe and supportive all-girl setting. Joining with other Girl Scouts and people in their community, together they’ll take action to change the world,” Sestak said.

Four foundations build the Girl Scout experience. The first is STEM; science, technology, engineering and math. The second foundation is outdoors, the third is life skills and the final foundation is entrepreneurship.

Girl Scouts explore positive values, seek challenges and learn from setbacks. Members form and maintain healthy relationships, learn to identify and problem solve in their communities and develop a strong sense of self.

Troop leaders plan activities and meetings based on what feedback they receive from their girls. Members in kindergarten and first grade are Daisies and members in second and third grade are Brownies.

Greensville County and Emporia, Virginia, is part of the Girl Scouts of the Commonwealth of Virginia, which covers 30 counties and six cities in Virginia. Emporia, Virginia, has 19 girls in three troops from first through 11th grade. Girls can join any time from kindergarten through 12th grade.